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About the presenters:

Eliot Allen
Criterion Planners

A principal with Criterion Planners in Portland, Oregon, Allen was on the original LEED-ND core committee, has been a USGBC program consultant from 2007 to the present, has been an author of the LEED Reference Guide, LEED Online forms, and USGBC curriculum, has conducted 200+ LEED certification reviews, is a member of the LEED Faculty, and serves on the Location & Planning Technical Advisory Group (TAG).

Tristan Roberts

The webcast will be moderated by Tristan Roberts, editor of, a website that provides how-to resources for LEED certification teams. Tristan is also Editorial Director for BuildingGreen, publishers of LEEDuser as well as Environmental Building News, GreenSpec, and

Welcome to the Green Neighborhood: Getting Started with LEED-ND

A LEEDuser members-only webcast featuring Eliot Allen and Tristan Roberts

Available On-Demand

LEED on a larger scale

USGBC's LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND) rating system has tackled energy and other sustainability issues head-on. And since the great recession of 2008, ND-style neighborhoods have displayed some of the strongest economic resilience because of their cost-efficient locations and qualities, such as transit access.

As a result, LEED-ND has become a popular rating system both in the U.S. and internationally.

Unfortunately, ND's many requirements are often extremely difficult to master and apply. Documentation errors are common, and resources for help are few and far between.

LEED-ND's top expert is here to answer your questions

LEEDuser has put together a members-only webcast to clarify the crucial issues and get you up to speed on LEED-ND. This webcast, featuring LEED Faculty member Eliot Allen, will cover the following topics:

  • What are the goals of LEED-ND, and how is it actually being used?
  • How are developers using LEED-ND to set themselves apart from competitors?
  • How are communities using LEED-ND to implement sustainability policies?
  • What are the best sources of technical assistance for LEED-ND project teams?
  • In what ways are LEED-ND requirements NOT aligned with other LEED rating systems?

A Q&A session will answer your questions about LEED-ND.

Understand the business case

LEED-ND's payoff comes in the triple bottom line of the "30% neighborhood," where resource efficiencies can be improved at least 30%, pollution and emissions are reduced 30%, and economic performance posts equal gains. The webcast will cover these and other aspects of ND's business case, including:

  • Large scale: the sheer quantity of green benefits is significantly magnified when captured at the neighborhood level, reaching hundreds of building and thousands of occupants in a single planning action.
  • Collaboration: the ND rating system scores not just a project site, but almost equally important are the surrounding community assets, services, infrastructure.
  • Comprehensiveness: The all-inclusive scope of ND enables major synergies, such as civic areas performing rainwater management functions, or building density that saves both transportation and building energy.
  • Longevity: neighborhoods last centuries, so their performance benefits endure longer than other green measures.

Project eligibility issues, and more

The webcast will answer the following questions:

  • What is the biggest hurdle to LEED-ND eligibility?
  • How should I interpret the major prerequisite thresholds for density?
  • What are the biggest design-related opportunities for earning points?
  • How do recommended guidelines in ND differ from MPRs in other systems?
  • What are the three stages of ND certification, and how does a project progress through them?
  • What are the 10 major steps in preparing a certification submission?

The webcast also covers international issues

About one-third of registered ND projects are located outside the U.S., and they face special challenges using a rating system that was designed to operate with U.S. standards. These include regulatory mechanisms and common design practices that may or may not be readily transferable to other countries. Our webcast will provide tips for how these projects can navigate LEED-ND requirements.

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