Meet the LEEDuser Team is brought to you by BuildingGreen, with help from YR&G Sustainability and other LEED experts. 

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LEEDuser is a membership-based resource published by BuildingGreen, Inc. We're an independent company focused on providing high-quality information to help the design and construction industry improve the environmental performance of buildings.

In addition to publishing LEEDuser, we are also known for the resources at, where green building professionals go to stay ahead of emerging trends in the industry, including green building news, healthy products and materials, and continuing education.

The BuildingGreen editorial staff behind LEEDuser include:

  • Tristan Roberts, LEED AP BD+C, Chief Strategy Officer
  • Nadav Malin, LEED Fellow, President
  • Brent Ehrlich, LEED AP BD+C, Product and Materials Specialist
  • Alex Wilson, LEED AP, Founder

For a full roster of BuildingGreen's customer service, marketing, and IT staff, learn about our team here. For customer service or other inquiries, you can reach us using this contact form.

The YRG teamThe YRG team

Content from YR&G—LEED and sustainable design experts

YR&G is the primary content developer and expert resource for LEEDuser. YR&G provides technical and strategic consulting to new construction projects, existing facilities, and corporate entities. YR&G is organized into teams supporting the following areas: 

  • Building and community design and construction 
  • Existing facility operations and maintenance 
  • Corporate sustainability initiatives
  • Education and training

The YR&G team includes professionals from a wide range of disciplines, including experts and leaders in the green building industry and with the USGBC and its LEED rating systems. YR&G staff have worked with LEED since its inception, including on hundreds of LEED projects across the spectrum of rating systems and located around the world. YR&G also works as contractors to the USGBC and GBCI for LEED project certification reviews, Credit Interpretation Requests, LEED Reference Guide content, LEED Volume program roll-out communications, the existing hotel certification initiative, educational program content development, and more. 

LEEDuser's guest experts

We at LEEDuser are proud to have assembled an "all-star" team of LEED experts to help keep our content relevant to your day-to-day needs, author new guidance on specific topics, and to engage in the LEEDuser forums. Our experts include the following individuals.

Do you want to be a LEEDuser guest expert? Please send us a note via our contact form. We usually add guest experts from people who are already posting to the LEEDuser forum, so if you haven't already, consider spending some time there.

LEEDuser experts from the field

In addition to LEEDuser's guest experts, the following groups have provided special support to LEEDuser's development.

Overall review of credit material for the NC, CS, Schools, and CI rating systems was provided by Thornton Tomasetti (through the formerly independent group Fore Solutions, led by Gunnar Hubbard).

Dan Ackerstein provided overall review of LEED-EBOMEBOM is an acronym for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance, one of the LEED 2009 rating systems. material. Dan Ackerstein provides sustainability consulting and EBOM project guidance to public, private and nonprofit clients across the country from the offices of Ackerstein Sustainability, LLC in Santa Cruz, California.

Michelle Reott of Earthly Ideas provides regular review of LEED Online updates, LEED Interpretations, and other specialized topics such as construction waste management.

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