Hospitality-EBOM-v4 INc1: Innovation

  • Three paths to five possible points

    Teams can earn up to five points under this credit. There are three standard paths to earning an innovation point:


    Achieve significant, measurable environmental benefits using a strategy that isn’t currently addressed in the LEEDv4 EBOMEBOM is an acronym for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance, one of the LEED 2009 rating systems. rating system. Remember that a single sustainable technology or a program that addresses a single sustainability issue will not be accepted. The Reference Guide includes examples of both suggested and ineligible innovation strategies.

    Exemplary Performance (EP)

    Exceed the performance threshold in an existing credit. Remember that EP is not an option for all credits. Check the LEED Reference Guide to confirm whether EP is allowed for a particular credit, and if it is, the minimum performance threshold you’ll need to meet to earn it.

    Pilot Credit

    Achieve a credit from the official LEED Pilot Credit Library for LEED v4 EBOM projects. Remember that any time you pursue a pilot credit your team must complete the “General Pilot Documentation Requirements” as well, which includes registering for the pilot credit with USGBC, participating in the LEEDuser pilot credit forum, and completing the USGBC feedback survey.

    What’s New in LEED v4

    • Teams can earn up to 5 total innovation points, an increase from the 4 points available in LEED 2009.
    • Teams can earn up to 2 points for exemplary performance, a reduction from the 3 exemplary performance points allowable under LEED 2009.


    We achieved exemplary performance for more than two credits. Can we claim more than two points?

    While you can achieve the exemplary performance threshold for as many credits as you like, the maximum number of points you can receive for exemplary performance under this credit is two. The other points must be earned with either innovation strategies or pilot credits.

    One of the credits we used for exemplary performance didn’t actually end up earning exemplary performance in the preliminary review. Can we replace it with a different credit that did?

    Yes, you can replace that credit with another one that did earn exemplary performance in the preliminary review.

    We didn’t claim one of our credits as an exemplary performance point under during the preliminary review, but now we’d like to because it earned exemplary performance per the review comments. Is it possible to claim it now?

    Yes, you can still get credit for meeting the exemplary performance threshold after the preliminary review is complete. As long as you haven’t maxed out your two exemplary performance points under this credit, you can still claim the EP point after the preliminary review. 

  • IN Credit 1: Innovation


    To encourage projects to achieve exceptional or innovative performance.


    Project teams can use any combination of innovation, pilot, and exemplary performanceIn LEED, certain credits have established thresholds beyond basic credit achievement. Meeting these thresholds can earn additional points through Innovation in Design (ID) or Innovation in Operations (IO) points. As a general rule of thumb, ID credits for exemplary performance are awarded for doubling the credit requirements and/or achieving the next incremental percentage threshold. However, this rule varies on a case by case basis, so check the credit requirements. strategies.

    Option 1. innovation (1 point)

    Achieve significant, measurable environmental performance using a strategy not addressed in the LEED green building rating system.

    Identify the following:

    • the intent of the proposed innovation credit;
    • proposed requirements for compliance;
    • proposed submittals to demonstrate compliance; and
    • the design approach or strategies used to meet the requirements.


    Option 2. pilot (1 point)

    Achieve one pilot credit from USGBC’s LEED Pilot Credit Library


    Option 3. additional strategies
    • Innovation (1-3 points)

      Defined in Option 1 above.

    • Pilot (1-3 points)

      Meet the requirements of Option 2.

    • Exemplary performance (1–2 points)

      Achieve exemplary performance in an existing LEED v4 prerequisite or credit that allows exemplary performance, as specified in the LEED Reference Guide, v4 edition. An exemplary performance point is typically earned for achieving double the credit requirements or the next incremental percentage threshold.


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