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Any number of studies have tried to predict overall cost impact of LEED.

But only LEEDuser's guide, The Cost of LEED-NC, gives you cost information on hundreds of specific technologies and approaches that teams are using right now to earn points in LEED-NC.

Going credit-by-credit through LEED-NC 2009, The Cost of LEED-NC features a list of "standard" approaches compared to "high performance" options, along with cost premiums for those options.

With The Cost of LEED-NC, you'll be able to get a handle on your best options for achieving credits—and to understand the cost implications of those options.

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Created by BuildingGreen with support from USGBC and a team of top LEED consultants including YR&G, LEEDuser's sole focus is to help you prepare, organize, document and achieve every credit your project is aiming for—plus some you didn't think were in reach.

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