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About the presenters:

Jenny Carney
Principal, YR&G

Jenny, a principal at YR&G, heads up their Performance & Operations Team and manages the Chicago office. In that role, she oversees YR&G project work related to sustainability strategy development, performance-based benchmarking, corporate sustainability programming, reporting and LEED-EBOM certification. Jenny has extensive experience helping clients engage key stakeholders, gaining their support while also developing meaningful sustainability goals and strategies based on technical analysis.

She has been deeply involved in the development of the LEED-EBOM Rating System, dating back to the initial pilot phase in 2004. She has served as a primary author of the v2.0, v2008, v2009, and v4 Reference Guides, and helps shape the evolution of the program through her work on USGBC various committees. She currently chairs the Sustainable Sites Technical Advisory Group (SS TAG).

Ben Stanley
Sr. Sustainability Manager, YR&G

Ben, a Senior Sustainability Manager at YR&G, provides strategic direction, analytic support, and project management of sustainability initiatives across a range of areas including design and construction, building operations, and organizational sustainability.

His area of expertise includes management of the LEED certification process, delivery of sustainable operations training and education materials, and the development of customized tools and training resources to support sustainability initiatives at the organizational level. His project experience includes development of comprehensive sustainability management plans, green building guidelines for national hotel brands, and technical writing as a primary author for In addition, Ben has specific experience with guiding project teams through compliance with the LEED-EBOM, as well with the application of green building and sustainable operations on K-12 schools, hotels, commercial office buildings, multi-family residential, and manufacturing facilities.

Tristan Roberts

Tristan Roberts is editorial director for BuildingGreen, publishers of LEEDuser as well as Environmental Building News, GreenSpec, and As the main voice behind, which provides how-to resources for LEED certification teams, he is known for fielding all manner of LEED questions on LEEDuser's popular forums, and covering the evolution of LEED v4 as it has progressed step by step through USGBC's development process.

Navigating LEED-EBOM Recertification & v4


Jenny Carney, Principal — YR&G
Ben Stanley, Sr. Sustainability Manager — YR&G
Moderated by Tristan Roberts — LEEDuser

Call it the "convergence."

Many buildings have now gone through LEED-EBOM certification at least once and are now having to delve into recertification, and its unfamiliar requirements.

At the same time as we're hitting five-year recertification deadlines, projects have to consider whether to adopt LEED v4 either now or for the next round of certification—or to stick with LEED v2009 for as long as possible. What's the best path forward—and what's cheapest?

Are you due for recertification?

LEED-EBOM recertification is required every 1–5 years. In our webcast we'll discuss:

  • What to do if you're over the five-year mark
  • What rating system version must you use to recertify?
  • Can I add or drop credits when I recertify?

Recertification will take some work, but there are also some compelling benefits.

For example, you could pick up some points and increase your LEED rating if you've implemented retrocommissioning measures that were previously identified.

Watch out for some of the quirky recertification rules!

In this webcast we cover which credits you need to have tracked continuously since the last certification, and which ones you need to only due performance periods for.

What's the big deal with LEED v4?

In this webcast we cover the single biggest thing you need to know about LEED-EBOM v4 (hint: it has to do with the number 75), as well as other key changes:

  • How site management plans should change to address ecological issues
  • Which key water credits have been completely overhauled
  • The new energy metering prerequisite and how you can comply
  • More stringent refrigerant management requirements
  • The new policy on indoor smoking rooms

Your questions answered

EBOM experts Jenny Carney and Ben Stanley answer audience questions in a Q&A session at the end of the webcast, as well as discussing questions like these:

  • Will I have to redo all of my policies?
  • Do I have to do another transportation survey?
  • What's the cheapest way to keep my LEED certification?
  • What's the best time to recertify?
  • How can I streamline recertification?
  • What key deadlines should I know about?

Free LEED 2009 readiness review roadmap

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