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Welcome to the LEED Pilot Credit Library on LEEDuser

The LEED Pilot Credit Library is intended to facilitate the introduction of new credits to LEED. The process allows projects to test more innovative credits that haven't been through USGBC's complete drafting and balloting process. Projects who want to participate in a credit pilot need to register with USGBC on this page. Questions about pilot credits can be directed to USGBC at pilot@usgbc.org.

Through a special arrangement with USGBC, LEEDuser has posted the official language of the LEED pilot credits in order to make it more accessible to interested project teams. We have also posted a short summary introducing each credit, and each credit has an associated forum where project teams working on the credits can share their experiences and ask questions. USGBC encourages project teams to use this forum.

Process-Related Pilot Credits

Location-Related Pilot Credits

Sites-Related Pilot Credits

Water-Related Pilot Credits

Energy-Related Pilot Credits

Materials-Related Pilot Credits

IEQ-Related Pilot Credits

Performance-Related Pilot Credits


    LEED-ND Pilot Credits

    LEED for Homes Pilot Credits

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